Friday, August 8, 2008

The floods are comin!!!

I dont know who watches the news but right down the little hill from me was on the news last night. There was a flash flood right down the hill from me when that killer rain storm hit. About 10 of my neighbors homes were flooded with at least 6 inches of water in their basements. It was incredible. The police thought I was just a looky loo trying to get a peek at the damage. I almost had to throw fists just to let him let me by to get home. In at least 5 places from my house to Lapoint the road was completely washed out. Craziest thing ever!!! This week anyway.

Monday, August 4, 2008

fire in the hole!!!!

So it was Raegen's birthday and we were camping of course because it was a weekend. My cute nephew Kentston was playing this game he made up called "Fire in the hole". Ammused, I watched him pick up a small piece of garbage, wad it up into a little ball, say "fire in the hole", and throw it up in the air like a granade. Cute, right?...right. So his next move of course is to pick up something that could travel a little more distance. I watched him turn around and pick up this stick which was about 18 inches long and roughly the diameter of a baseball bat.
That is when it all happened. Everything started happening in slow motion. As I watched Kentston sling his arm back while simultaneously yelling ...yep you guessed it "fire in the hole", everything began to click. Immediately in my head I thought "he is going to throw that stick, and with my luck it will hit one of my very cute children...making them a little less cute". So I was just about to intervene by telling him to not throw sticks in camp when I was a split second too late. He swung back and released the stick (or small log as I like to tell it) so it came hurddling toward my face. It has been a week now and my face is back to normal. I can look back on this and laugh. ha ha ha. I'm just very very very happy I still have all of my teeth. This is the picture of me after I cleaned up all of the blood....I didn't take a picture of that (not a pretty picture).
I know I look like Elvis here but in the top pic I was really trying to smile for the camera. ha ha ha. that is freakin' funny.

SO I CAVED!!! so what

so this is it. I finally did it. I caved into peer pressure and I made myself a blog page. I cant believe it because I said I never would. Kind of like when capri pants first came out... I thought they were hideous and I said I would never wear they are a huge staple of my wardrobe. Well now I will probably be on the internet for the next two weeks doing nothing but this!!! (i am a little OCD). Well ttfn.