Thursday, October 9, 2008

Ok, first of all I am still learning all of the funky functions of my camera. Thus the fuzzy pictures so forgive me. someday I will learn. Cassidy and I went to Los Vegas for the Mine Expo. We left on a Sunday and came home on Thursday. Sunday we got in at 11:30 pm so we just went upstairs and went to bed...however they were out of non smoking rooms so they upgraded us (for free!!! yea!!!) to a suite. However, we had to move the next morning. Monday after we moved rooms we ate breakfast at McDonalds, Cass went to his expo and I layed out. That night I had a headache so in the city that never sleeps we went to our room and went to sleep. Tuesday we got up and ate breakfast at McDonalds, Cass went to the expo and I layed out....all day long and left the pool looking like a lobster. oops. That night we went to a Lionel Richie concert sponsored by Caterpiller. If you look at us in the picture, we look pretty uptown (for vernal anyway). We got to the event and everyone but all us hillbilly rednecks from vernal were dressed in formal attire!!!! It was truely one of the most embarrassing moments of my life. We had hordeovers (is that how they are spelled?) with caviar and the whole nine yards. Then we had a seven cours dinner with like 5 forks 4 knives 4 goblets. My server put my napkin in my lap and I thought she was molesting me. Yes I am from the sticks. All in all the concert was awesome! the food was weird but good and I had a great time. I missed the kids and it was so good to come home to my little po dunk town.

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Megan and Mike Glines said...

That is awfully convenient to get a headache on a trip to Vegas! Went to bed my foot!