Thursday, October 9, 2008

This is tiny dog. He was the runt of my second litter of Yorkie puppies. He never grew bigger than a week and a half old puppy should grow and he lived to be five weeks old. We took him to the vet on monday where they told us he had every birth defect known to dogs and he probably wouldn't make it. I could put him down, or I could try to nurse him throughout his life. He wasnt in any pain they said so I opted to take care of him. I took care of him until thursday when he died in his sleep. This pic was taken the day he died because I just knew he wasnt going to make it. look how tiny he is in my hand. We put him in a huggies wipes box (that was the kids idea of a casket) and we burried him close to our chili chon chones. It has been a hard couple of weeks for the kids and our pets.

For those wondering about chili chon chones, she was our kitty and yes I ran over her. It was a horrible day and the kids (especially max) didnt understand. Max kept saying "what did the kitty do? Why did you kill my kitty?" Like that doesnt rip a mothers heart out. I kept trying to tell him it was an accident but obviously he didnt get what that meant. long story short I cried like a baby. I have never liked cats but this kitty and I were friends and I feel incredibly guilty that her death was my fault. so sad, but it opened up an awesome opportunity to explain the plan of salvation to our kids in a tangible way that they get a little bit now because it relates to something they loved

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Brian and Melissa said...

Poor kitty and puppy. What a rough thing for the kids. Sorry running over the cat made you cry.